UPCI Genome Stability and DNA Repair Group
Chris Bakkenist Chris Bakkenist - Biological responses to ionizing radiation; mouse model of cancer
Kara Bernstein Kara Bernstein - Live cell imaging of DNA recombination and high throughput screens in yeast
Marcel Bruchez Marcel Bruchez - Development of new optical approaches to measure and manipulate living cell organisms. Combines protein engineering and rational design of fluorescent labeling dyes with focus on protein trafficking and redox regulation
Li Lan Lin Lan - Mechanisms of chromatin remodeling and repair of FNA oxidative damage and strand breaks in situ
Satoshi Nakajima Satoshi Nakajima - Identification of novel DNA repair proteins involved in double-strand break repair
Carola Neumann Carola Neumann - Peroxiredoxin role in REDOX chemistry and regulation of cellular processes including recombination
Patricia Opresko Patricia Opresko - DNA damage and repair at telomers; Werner Syndrome protein function
Roddy O'Sullivan Roddy O'Sullivan - Elucidate the precise molecular mechanism of ALT activation and identify molecular targets so that cancers can maintain telomere length, and thus unlimited proliferation by the ALT pathway can be selectively killed
Wei Qian Wei Qian - Overcoming platinum resistance in tumor cells by novel thioxodihydroquinazolinone (TDQ) small molecules
Andrew Van DeMark Andrew Van DeMark - Molecular mechanisms underlying transcription elongation
Bennett Van Houten Bennett Van Houten - Structure & function of DNA repair proteins; mitochondrial physiology
Judy Yanowitz Judy Yanowitz - Meiosis, Genome Stability & DNA Damage Repair in C. elegans
Jian Yu Jian Yu - Regulation of cell death in intestinal stem cells and cancer
Lin Zhang Lin Zhang - Genetic basis of differential sensitivity to anticancer drugs; mechanisms of drug-induced apoptosis